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Fiorucci is an Italian fashion label founded by Elio Fiorucci in 1967. The first shop exposed Milan to the styles of Swinging London and American classics such as the T-shirt and jeans. By the late 1970s and early 1980s this would be reversed, and the New York store would become famous for the fashions it introduced to the United States. Known as the "daytime Studio 54", it attracted trendsetters from Andy Warhol to a young Madonna.

In the early 1980s the Fiorucci art director was jewelry designer Maripol, known for creating Madonna's look at the time. Other employees included Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone, Terry Jones of i-D magazine fame and Oliviero Toscani who shot many of the famous Benetton adverts.

In May of 1979 cartoon/graffiti based artist Kenny Scharf had his first solo exhibition in the New York Fiorucci store, the show was called "Fiorucci Celebrates the New Wave" and featured his colorful, retro-futuristic "Estelle Series." The opening included a performance with Klaus Nomi.

Meanwhile, the company continued to bring new products to the market, including a collection made from DuPont's new Tyvek fabric, and velvet slippers from China. In 1978 they were the first fashion house to license their name for a collection of sunglasses, whilst in 1981 a Disney licence led to a highly successful range of clothes emlblazoned with Mickey Mouse.

Ever on the pulse of the times, Fiorucci sponsored the reunion of Simon and Garfunkel in The Concert in Central Park on 19 September 1981, attended by 400,000 people or more, and on the bill for their birthday party in 1983 was a then-unknown Madonna.

In 1982 the company launched the first stretch jeans with Lycra, and the success of the 5-pocket "Safety" jeans was recognised three years later in a licensing deal with Wrangler Jeans. In 1987 Fiorucci produced the Junior Gaultier line designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and in 1989 they went back to their roots with a deal with Vivienne Westwood, queen of the London street scene.

Interview with Elio Fiorucci:

Truman Capote and Andy Warhol signing Interview Magazines at the New York Fiorucci store in 1977:

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